Classic Home and Garden

  Our History

Since 1975, our focus has been on designing and sourcing unique, artistic products from reliable sources while maintaining
high quality.

Our journey began by procuring baskets made by hand from banana leaves in Haiti. Our sales were conducted by driving a bread van stocked with product to local florists and garden centers. The growth of our company seemed to run parallel to the size of our vehicles. By 1985, our staff included many salespeople, our sourcing included baskets from all over the world . . . and the mobile showrooms expanded into larger motor homes.

With McCann's success with baskets, we continued to grow by expanding the product line to include different mediums for our customers — ceramic, wood, metal, plastic, EcoCast, Fiberstone®, Lavastone®, and EverCast®.

In 2009 we made a strategic acquisition of Global Pottery. We had long admired their showrooms at trade shows, noting the innovation and aesthetic appeal of their original designs. Global Pottery was the ideal complement to the existing business.

In early 2015, we renamed the company from McCann Brothers Baskets to Classic Home & Garden to better reflect and encompass the company we’ve evolved into.

As we reflect back on our 40+ years of business, we take pride in the fact that throughout our expansion, the standards and goals we set for ourselves have remained constant.